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Bora Architects Named AIA Northwest + Pacific Region Firm of the Year!

Bora Architects is honored to be the recipient of the 2016 Firm of the Year Award for the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region. This award recognizes not only a consistent pattern of excellence in design, but also a firm’s dedication to extending the boundaries of traditional architectural practice, long record of community engagement, and commitment…

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Bora Teams with Ennead on UO Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

The University of Oregon has announced that The Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact is moving from idea to reality, with selection of the architectural team that will design the project. We have teamed up with Ennead Architects of New York for the project, after being selected through a competitive selection process. The Bora | Ennead team is a…


We’re Hiring!

Seeking Junior Designers/Interior Designers and Interns (0-3 years experience): We are seeking candidates who excel at critical design thinking, are creative problem solvers, and posses exceptional graphic communication skills. Candidates should be self-motivated to meet project deadlines with skill and grace in a collaborative environment.  Occasional overtime may be required. Desired Skills & Experience Bachelor’s or…


Why Bora Advocates for Action on Climate Change

Now that election season has drawn to a close, we’re left with many questions. How will this impact our country, the international community, and the planet we steward? Here is one thing we know: Bora Architects is committed to architecture that reflects our core values socially, ecologically, and economically. From material selection to opening day,…

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Happy Holidays from the Bora Elves

The Holiday Elf Cart is a long-standing tradition here at Bora. Every year, on the day of the holiday party, our Principals disappear. In their place, a gang of festive elves with unfortunate but forgivable fashion sense wheels around the office, delivering libations to all on the “Nice” list. From the ugly sweaters at Bora, may your days be…


The Cosmopolitan Shines

To really appreciate the magic of the Cosmopolitan, you have to watch it move and breathe throughout the course of the day. Shifting light, the play of cloud and sky, the life of a building in its context. We think this beautiful film, courtesy of local Portland agency SuperGreat Video, reflects that dynamism and vibrancy….

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