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Breakthrough Research at Stanford’s Shriram Center

A team of student scientists at Stanford University are making strides in tackling the challenge of antibiotic resistance in disease-causing bacteria. Working out of the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, the trio of researchers have been granted $10,000 to carry on with their investigations, and they’re feeling pretty good about the results so…


Raising Portland’s Skyline on OPB State of Wonder

As Portland continues to grow, our skyline is climbing, and the urban form and fabric is evolving. Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “State of Wonder” took a look at that last week, interviewing a handful of architects for a conversation on how taller buildings are responding to Portland’s needs. The Cosmopolitan is the most current of the…


Exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality

In recent months, Bora has been exploring new ways of visualizing unbuilt spaces. Revit, Rhino, and other 3D modeling programs have become the industry standards for producing everything from renderings to construction documents, but these tools still fall short of providing fully immersive experiences. There is always a tension between presenting a design concept that…

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Finley House Featured on Archdaily

We love the Oregon coast. It’s hard to resist the stunning views, the forested cliffs and sentinel lighthouses, and the nestled beaches strewn with pebbles warmed by the summer sun. Even in the winter, when the fog rolls in and the horizon disappears, a day at the coast is a welcome break from Portland’s hustle….


Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center in ArchDaily’s Top 100 Projects

ArchDaily, the world’s most visited architecture website, has just highlighted the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center as a top 100 project! We’re excited to have Bora’s work recognized on the website that is most people’s go-to source for transformative, beautiful architecture. To view the Wagner Noël feature, along with the other projects selected, click here!