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Portland Makes Metropolis’ Top 10

We love our city. We love living here, working here, biking in the rain, and floating the river on a hot day. Like any major urban center, we have our challenges, and they are not trivial. But Portland’s reputation as a beautiful, liveable city is well-deserved. So although we didn’t expect to see “Stumptown” listed…


Block 17 Wins MFE Magazine Editor’s Choice Award

Multifamily Executive Magazine, has published its annual apartment industry award-winners, and we’re pleased to announce that out of 370 entries, Block 17 Apartments has been honored with both the Grand High-Rise Award and the Editor’s Choice Award! From the announcement: “What sticks out the most about Block 17 is how much it doesn’t stick out—it…


Opening Day at OSU Cascades Tykeson Hall

Today marks a shift in the Higher Education landscape of Oregon. We’re excited to announce the grand opening of the new OSU Cascades campus in Bend, OR! As the architects of Tykeson Hall, the first new academic building on campus, we feel privileged to have contributed to this major advancement in educational access in Central…


Breakthrough Research at Stanford’s Shriram Center

A team of student scientists at Stanford University are making strides in tackling the challenge of antibiotic resistance in disease-causing bacteria. Working out of the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, the trio of researchers have been granted $10,000 to carry on with their investigations, and they’re feeling pretty good about the results so…


Raising Portland’s Skyline on OPB State of Wonder

As Portland continues to grow, our skyline is climbing, and the urban form and fabric is evolving. Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “State of Wonder” took a look at that last week, interviewing a handful of architects for a conversation on how taller buildings are responding to Portland’s needs. The Cosmopolitan is the most current of the…