Material Health Advocacy

Bora cares deeply about the health and well-being of those who occupy our buildings, as well as those integral to their construction. As leaders calling for the transparency of the chemicals used in the building industry, we have developed in-house guidelines, based upon years of research, indicating substances that do not belong in the built environment. Bora has long advocated for transparency in construction materials and is a founding member of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC).

Better Flooring

One challenge of safer material selection is the seeming ubiquity of PVC flooring in many buildings, historically prioritized for its durability and low cost but hazardous to humans and the planet. We work with clients to research and design better options, even in the face of institutional standards and limited budgets. We have found that when we present design strategies that prioritize health, people listen and better outcomes result. Vinyl flooring alternatives we have used include linoleum, rubber, and bio-based resilient products.

Safer Materials, Clearer Air

Designing and building without hazardous chemicals is not only possible, but economical, and results in a noticeably better experience in a space. For projects such as our own new studio renovation, avoiding chemicals of concern in flooring, finishes, and furniture and prioritizing healthy materials like plants results in better air quality; a new build should never smell like chemicals. We monitor air quality in our spaces in real time, providing clients with an educational dashboard to display active data on the health of their indoor environment