Who we are.

Bora is an architectural firm in Portland, Oregon, with an office of 70 people working with clients across the country. Our expertise includes cultural facilities, educational buildings, residential design and workplace environments. Our work is recognized for its emphasis on beauty, craft and innovative functionality.

Passion for new solutions, sustainability and positive social impact has driven our practice from the beginning. But nothing is more fundamental to our work than our deep commitment to involving our clients in the creative process. We believe that meaningful architecture can transform the lives of everyone it touches.

Why architecture matters.

We all experience architecture every day. As architects, we feel a responsibility to elevate that experience. Working closely with our clients, we construct something that deeply impacts the people who will spend many hours of their lives there. But architecture also affects those who drive past it, who see it from their apartment or who encounter it on a walk. Architecture shapes all these experiences, and we think this is architecture’s great opportunity. This is what we can make together.

How we approach the work.

Design can solve your specific challenges. But, it can also make possible activities and experiences which were previously impossible. It can adapt to future uses we haven’t yet imagined. And it can shape our communities and culture for the better. All of this is possible with every project we work on. Together we can make something meaningful that continues to resonate for decades.

We believe this is the very definition of architecture, and to do anything less is to do something else.

And we like architecture way too much to do something else.

We invite you to join us.

Bora is always looking for clients who want to generate fresh and original solutions to real-world challenges. We are deeply inspired by the power of collective intelligence, which is why we ask our clients to be crucial participants in the process.

This is a creative journey that is better when we take it together. It’s a bit intense, but the rewards are rich, and in the end you will feel the satisfaction of having engaged in a design process that created meaningful architecture.

Besides, we’re rather nice people (being from Portland), and we plan on having some fun along the way.

What we can do for you.

Bora provides design services for master plans, architecture and interior projects. From our office in Portland, we lead our clients architectural projects from space programming and site selection through construction and opening.


Space Planning
Adaptive Re-Use


Site Selection
Master Planning
Precinct Planning

Other Services

Contractor Selection
Pre-Bond Planning
Fundraising Assistance
LEED Documentation