Who we are

Bora Architecture & Interiors is a 65-person, national design practice based in Portland, Oregon. With health, equity and sustainability essential to our pursuit of inspiring architecture, we are committed to creating transformative environments that shape communities and elevate the human experience.

We pride ourselves on thoughtfully crafted design that sparks curiosity and brings people together. Our love for the arts influences our work, infusing design in such a way that each project tells a unique and creative story. We also recognize design as a platform and responsibility—one in which we can play an active role in making our world more just and equitable.

The value we place on nature, sustainability and authenticity stems from our roots in the Pacific Northwest. Our surroundings have both grounded and inspired us while propelling a design reputation that has opened doors to work throughout the country. Through our diverse work we embrace every opportunity to advocate for meaningful spaces in which all communities can thrive.

An Open Collaborative

By bringing together the unique talents of each person, we build creative project teams that leverage diverse points of view to generate concepts and discover solutions. Our culture is open. Ideas come first, not egos or titles. Teams share work-in-progress with the broader office in open critiques. Projects benefit from different voices and knowledge is shared across teams. It’s a bit like crits in architecture school – plus the goodness of beer, or donuts if you haven’t yet had lunch.

When facing a particularly thorny design challenge, we’ll host a charrette. The intense burst of energy from the collective office puts novel concepts on the table for the project team to consider. Sometimes, even those ideas that seemed crazy at first, get built.