“The Evolving Workplace” Bora in Design Museum Magazine

by Michael Tingley, FAIA

Principal Michael Tingley explores the future of workplace design in a post-COVID world in Design Museum Magazine‘s “The Evolving Workplace”.

People will drive the future. This is the main topic of “The Evolving Workplace”. As a post-Covid world emerges, people will shape the way we utilize our community spaces. Empowering individuals with a choice of space, flexible programming, technology, and social equity drive the build community. Designs that lend to wellness and connection through story telling are more important than ever. People need a choice but they need connections at work and home. At the end of the day the build community is still about the people and optimizing their environment.

“Bora has focused its years of workplace design around the human experience, designing through the lenses of empowerment, well-being, and storytelling. While COVID-19 unquestionably alters the way we approach design moving forward, we believe these are still the areas to focus on. We see the need to bring people together prevailing as a foundational aspect of the future workplace, whatever form it takes when we re-engage.”

Read “The Evolving Workplace: People Will Drive the Future” here.

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