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Time Well Spent: Seattle to Portland 2024

How should we spend our time? This question is key to a fulfilling life and after the events of this…

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Bora Welcomes Intern Kim Nichols

We are so excited to welcome Kim Nichols to Bora for a 12-week summer internship with us. Kim is in…

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Bora Presents PSU Vernier Science Center at SCUP National Conference

On July 23 Bora Associate Principal Amy Running presented our Portland State University Vernier Science Center project at the 2024…

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Grand Opening for Holgate Library!

This past weekend we celebrated the grand opening of Multnomah County Library‚Äôs Holgate Library in Southeast Portland–the first new, permanent library to open in Multnomah County in more than a decade, as well as one of the largest and most energy efficient.