Confidential Client Product Lab

Mountain View, CA

Confidential Client Product Lab

Mountain View, CA

Spread across two buildings on a corporate campus, this team wanted to re-capture the energy of what it felt like to be a start-up – inspiring and re-invigorating their process. Bora’s solution was to eliminate barriers to creativity and empower the users with the flexibility to change their space and their process alongside product development.

To support this, we arranged power and data in a modular ceiling grid. This provides teams the ability to modify their space without calling for support for facilities. We worked closely with a local furniture maker on custom desks – which, in response to the client groups’ cultural admiration, were fabricated by robots.

In order to encourage movement throughout the buildings, we placed a coffee bar near the entry and a series of collaborative lounges throughout the space. Our simple material palette, with carefully placed color, provides a bold backdrop for the creative process. To meet rigorous environmental health standards, we supplemented the client’s research with our growing list of materials that minimize hazardous chemicals.

Our efforts culminated in a workspace that supports the exploration and collaboration necessary to create ground-breaking products.




LEED Gold Certified


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