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Confidential Client Workplace Buildings

Redmond, WA

Confidential Client Workplace Buildings

Redmond, WA

This redesign of two adjacent 6-story office buildings for a confidential high-tech client transforms an obsolete floor plate design maximizing private offices into an inspiring workplace that powers the cloud-based teams within. Considered spaces and ephemeral moments convey the unique story of the global company’s tech teams and innovative spirit.

Responding to the forested campus setting, the buildings are united by a base palette of wood, neutral textures and sharp contrasts that serve as a basis to amplify color and host energizing pattern. To create a specific identity for this team, we manifested their story into prominent and memorable features. In the lobby, 2,000+ wooden dowels are suspended as a cloud form and express parallels between data clouds amassing individual points of information, and natural clouds as a collection of individual molecules. The main corridors on each floor are lined with a continuous band of white tiles, whose surface texture references the evolution of computing over time, leading up to the breakthrough work of their premier tech teams.

Workspace was a primary area of focus for this complex and priority was placed on maximizing flexibility and providing opportunities for individualization while responding specifically to the needs of engineers. We provided shelving units and magnetized surfaces that encourage teams to adorn their space, providing a sense of ownership. To support coding efforts, we tested and deployed indirect lighting above workstations to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

On the sixth floor, a flexible gathering and alternate workspace opens directly onto a terrace providing views to the neighboring building and the Olympics beyond. With cloud technology empowering people to work anywhere, we programmed amenity spaces not only for delight and retreat, but to support work across a range of scales and environments.


395,000 sf