Lincoln High School Celebrates Topping Out

by Bora Architects

Lincoln High School’s recent Topping Out ceremony celebrates the structural completion of the new building. Eagerly awaited, the lifting of the final beam came into place after 13 months of construction. The final completion is inspiring and educational also!

“Lincoln High School is on track to become the first high-rise school built in the western U.S.,” says Bora Principal Chris Linn. “Active ground-floor uses will engage the street and neighborhood to make learning tangible to the community at large.”

This design is not only one of a kind, but it truly services the community and students in a new and engaging way. Central learning spaces are a crucial component for any community and this inspirational build drives education into the future and beyond. 2022 marks the date of full and final project completion.

The new six-story high school offers a modern learning environment in downtown Portland also designed for flexibility and community connection. Set to become a 281,000 square foot high school, this six-story urban high-rise building offers ample space. The new building also accommodates a surge in student population in Portland Public Schools.

Constructed on the athletic fields at one end of the school’s campus, students still occupy the legacy facility during construction. Stringent safety protocols and intensive pre-construction planning will protect students on the busy city campus. 

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