Faubion School is Certified LEED Gold in V4 Rating System

by Garrett Helm, Mike Manzi

Yesterday, we received the news that our first venture into LEED v4 came up Gold! According to the USGBC, our Faubion PK-8 project with Concordia University is the 3rd school in the world to be certified Gold or better in this new system.

This was a huge effort, undertaken fully in-house by a multitude of talented staff here at Bora. Although we began working on Faubion long before the previous version of LEED expired, we knew it would be important to hit the more rigorous standards put in place by v4, and committed to meeting the challenge early on. Creating buildings that are environmentally, socially, and economically responsible is not only an ideal we should aspire to as architects, but an attainable goal. We’re proud to have delivered the Faubion community a healthy, sustainable school that will support and serve them for generations.

A full 2/3 of our certified projects are Gold or Platinum, and we’re always challenging ourselves to go further. Faubion also marks Bora’s 30th LEED project, bringing our total to nearly 3.7 million square feet of certified area. Kudos to the entire team!