Amy Donohue Discusses DEI in the Performing Arts on Design Podcast

by Bora Architecture & Interiors

Principal Amy Donohue was recently featured on Walker Architects’ podcast “Design for an Agile World” to discuss how design can support accessibility in public spaces—both in higher education and in the performing arts. The conversation spans Amy’s start in architecture, the design thinking behind the precedent-setting arena classroom at Oregon State University, and her thoughts on how we can design more inclusive spaces in the arts.

“That audience perspective of being able to come into a space and feel like you are seen as an individual, that you have a connection to that person on the stage–is tremendous,” says Amy. “We’re always trying to close the gap between performer and audience, or teacher and student, just to forge a relationship that is that much stronger, that much more powerful.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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