Why Bora Advocates for Action on Climate Change

by Mike Manzi + Karim Hassanein

Now that election season has drawn to a close, we’re left with many questions. How will this impact our country, the international community, and the planet we steward? Here is one thing we know: Bora Architects is committed to architecture that reflects our core values socially, ecologically, and economically.

From material selection to opening day, what we do affects people and places far beyond the jobsite. Our practice is dedicated to creating built environments that are inclusive, improve the well-being of occupants, and increase the resiliency of our communities. Our work aims to mitigate climate change by reducing energy and resource consumption. We trust that science-based exploration leads to optimized, cost-effective solutions.

We don’t see these as partisan issues, and along with architects across the country, we will continue to advocate for action within our industry. To learn more about what that looks like, and how you can participate, visit