by Bora Architecture & Interiors

After enjoying 33 years in downtown Portland’s historic Morgan Building, Bora is excited to announce that we’re hopping the river to the Central Eastside! Our new home at the Electric Blocks will be a light-filled, reinvigorated space within a former warehouse known as Volta. The wins for this adaptive reuse building project are twofold, affording us the opportunity to work with developer Killian Pacific to bring new life to Southeast Portland, and giving us the chance to re-envision our own studio space within it. 

As many are contemplating the need for physical workspace in a post-pandemic world, our new design studio embodies our unwavering commitment to the physical office, where we maximize flexibility and prioritize collaboration as core to our creative culture and process. Our vision is a healthy, inspiring, open environment where we can collaborate on design to optimize our best work; share knowledge and build off one another’s energy; enjoy mentoring relationships across all staff; and, of course, have some fun in the process. As we embrace a hybrid work schedule, we are committed to creating a work-life balance for our staff in alignment with our equitable, people-first values.   

It’s 2022 and we’re ready to embrace the bright future ahead. We’re not trying to go back to our pre-2020 life at Bora. Instead we hold fast to our longstanding mantra of “Do, Learn, Adjust” as we design our new home—relevant as ever in this moment! Targeting July for the completion of Volta’s core and shell renovation and the start of our new studio construction, we look forward to unpacking the design—and its alignment with our values of Climate, Health, and Equity—with you in the months to come. 

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