The Materials Pledge

by Mike Manzi

A major component of Bora’s approach to sustainability is our commitment to using healthy materials. In order for us to make informed decisions about health and environmental impacts when selecting products, we rely on product manufacturers to disclose the ingredients they use.

We are dedicated to this cause, and excited to share the next step: The Materials Pledge. We have joined 55 other signatories to issue an open letter to product manufacturers reaffirming our commitment to design and build with holistically optimized materials.

Bora was a founding member of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), which was established to encourage this product composition transparency. Associate Principals Amy Running and I served on the steering committee of the working group that developed the HPD Open Standard. I am currently still serving as chair of the technical committee that oversees evolution of the HPD, while Amy helps lead the Portland Materials Transparency Collaborative (PMTC), a local network of people dedicated to material health.

To keep the momentum up here in Portland, Bora has been hosting HPDC’s monthly discussion series, put together with help from the PMTC, entitled “Transparency and Material Health in Practice.” Keep an eye out for registration links in our feeds, and if you’re curious about materials transparency – whether you’re a designer, contractor, client, or manufacturer – let us know!

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