Surface Into Form: Exhibits + Workshops

by Karim Hassanein

Are you looking for some design-oriented activities to spice up your calendar over the next couple months? Are you interested in exploring the interplay of light and simple materials through surface manipulation?

Hopefully you answered yes, because that’s what this post is about.

Marziah Rajabzadeh, one of Bora’s newest faces, collaborated on this exhibit with Prof. Nancy Yen-wen Cheng of the University of Oregon. She will also be co-leading two workshops in July, which you can learn more about and RSVP for here.

From the Facebook event page: “How much visual expression can come from a single sheet of material? Exhibit pieces explore how surfaces can be manipulated to bounce light in interesting ways. They show how simple cuts and folds can create complex patterns of flaps or pockets to catch light. For example, a family of geometric patterns incorporate self-clasping hooks designed to pull flexible sheets into saddle forms that juxtapose convex and concave edges. Recent efforts with draped and stretched fabric are motivated by the idea of shaping form and space with minimal means.

For Workshops, we will bring the materials, techniques and images of some forms to try. We need you to bring your enthusiasm, imagination and openness to new possibilities. We will capture the experiments with photos and create results for the PLACE community to enjoy.”

Did we mention all three events are free and open to the public? Hope to see you there!