Support for the Paris Agreement – We Are Still In

by Mike Manzi

Bora recognizes the broad scientific consensus on climate change, and believes that urgent, global action is needed. Despite the recent decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement, we remain committed to doing our part in bringing down carbon emissions, and creating environments that are both beautiful and sustainable.

For this reason, we have joined thousands of signatories representing US states, cities, colleges, universities, businesses and investors, to offer a unified voice in support of the Paris Agreement. We represent the broadest cross section of the American economy yet assembled in pursuit of climate action. We recognize its critical importance and will continue to pursue a clean energy future as the best chance we have to create jobs, promote trade, spur innovation, and preserve American competitiveness in a 21st century economy.

To read the open letter Bora has signed, and to see the growing list of co-signers, visit We encourage you to add your name, and stand up for climate action.