Young Black Professionals Workforce Housing

Portland, OR

Young Black Professionals Workforce Housing

Portland, OR

[This] is the most visionary and revolutionary strategy I have seen in a long time. The sheer fact you have these different partners collaborating around the concepts of social justice and equity in creating something with generational impact is a true example of building community.

Michelle H., Community Member

The Young Black Professionals (YBP) Workforce Housing seeks to create opportunities for Black architecture/engineering/construction professionals to thrive in a world plagued by systemic racism and an AEC industry devoid of diversity.

In partnership with Self Enhancement Inc. (SEI) and HMS Development, Bora and Andersen Construction are collaborating using a design-build approach and Design Justice principles to create two affordable housing communities in Southeast Portland, each a modular build with metal framing five stories high. YBP Ankeny will include 41 studio apartments on an L-shaped site nestled among existing homes. YBP Holgate, in collaboration with Home Forward, will offer 72 studio apartments on a centrally located corner site. Proximal to transit and other urban conveniences, both housing initiatives will include shared amenities, a central hub for after-hours gatherings and neighborhood events, and ground-floor amenities to engage the streetscape.

Ample daylighting, healthy materials and inviting spaces will foster a special place young professionals can call home. Residents will also partner with SEI’s three-year Professional Apprenticeship Program to be mentored, develop leadership skills, and work for a local AEC firm—helping ensure a pathway for success.

Both communities are scheduled to open in 2024.

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The prefabricated units enable us to reduce air infiltration at each unit, reducing energy use.


Units will prioritize indoor air quality, daylighting, and healthy materials throughout.


The YBP communities allow those at or below the 60% MFI level to live independently amongst their peers, close in to the city and proximal to public transportation so that access to work is not a barrier.


YBP Ankeny: 20,533 sf (41 apartments)
YBP Holgate: 28,787 sf (72 apartments)


Andersen Construction

Self Enhancement Inc. (SEI)

HMS Development

RLand Development

Home Forward