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Robinson Fine Arts Center Branding

Plano, TX

Robinson Fine Arts Center Branding

Plano, TX

Bora led our committee through a discussion to consensus, while also taking feedback into consideration and incorporating changes. The end result is a timeless logo that has specific design elements that are unique and important to the Robbie and Lynore Robinson Fine Arts Center. It was great to have Bora on the team!

Jamee Jolly
Sr. Executive Director, Plano ISD Education Foundation

The Robbie & Lynore Robinson Fine Arts Center provides gallery, theater, performance, and rehearsal spaces for middle and high school students participating in arts programs within the Plano Independent School District. After enjoying a successful collaboration with Bora to design the building, Plano ISD sought out Bora’s Experiential Graphic Design team to create a logo that would serve as a cornerstone of the Robinson Fine Arts Center brand.

Four key principles drove our EGD team’s design decisions for this new logo:

Form matches function: The logo should align with the intent of the building.

Physical center: The logo should consider the physical place of the building at the center of its academic district.

Symbolic center: The logo should consider the building’s role in bringing a diverse range of arts from various schools in the community together.

Recognizable forms: The logo should incorporate recognizable architectural features of the building.

The resulting logo concept we created is inspired by the building’s dramatic wood entrances to its gallery and theater spaces. The mark’s repeated form symbolizes the amplification experienced during a performance on stage or through art hung on a wall, while the perspective—intentionally off-center—celebrates the diverse perspectives and boundaries pushed within the study of fine arts. Utilizing a strong black, white, and gray color palette allows the logo to complement any of the Plano ISD feeder schools’ colors.