Confidential Client World HQ Design Office

Beaverton, OR

Confidential Client World HQ Design Office

Beaverton, OR

To provide this confidential global client with an environment that aligns with their design-centric focus on innovation and science, Bora transformed what was once a sea of fixed cubicle partitions and dim fluorescent lighting into an open, bright and collaborative workspace.

Replacing a dark, underused 16’ wide hallway that ran down the middle of the floorplate, Bora created a central spine of collaboration spaces and team rooms. We purposefully included very few walls and established a visual connection from one side of the floor to the other. This new zone, dubbed the Zipper, is wrapped in dynamic powder-coated aluminum, custom-perforated with graphics that reinforce the client’s brand.

The Zipper’s placement allowed us to shift workstations closer to the full-length band of exterior windows. We blended the new influx of natural light with all-uplight fixtures, reducing glare and optimizing conditions for visually-sensitive work. We kept the materials light and simple to maximize the reflection of daylight into and throughout the space. Vibrant, on-brand color helps guide users into active and collaborative zones, while a complementing blue identifies enclosed booths ideal for individual or one-on-one tasks.

Our team wanted to make best use of the existing layout, offering flexibility and options to employees. Along with the Zipper, we accomplished this by converting enclosed spaces into focus and phone rooms for more private work. A new library lives in the corner of the floorplate, creating a zone for heads down work with direct exterior views and increased acoustic separation from the rest of the office.

By placing collaboration at the center, our design celebrates communal activities and meetings, and creates a hum of energy that radiates outward. The result is an activated workplace that supports employee creativity, whatever form it takes.


45,000 sf


Howard S. Wright