Literary Arts

Literary Arts

Portland, OR

Bora has been a long-time supporter of Literary Arts. In fact, at one time the not-for-profit group was housed within our own office. When they acquired a new space in the heart of downtown Portland, and not far from our own offices, we were more than willing to continue that support in the form of pro-bono interior design.

Books take center stage in the cozy space, lining a library wall that divides the office into two distinct rooms, the office area and a conference room. Rolling ladders on both sides provide access to upper shelves.

In the conference room, reclaimed wood flooring is a tactile element and tables made from reclaimed school bleachers can be organized as a conference table or in more informal arrangements.

A larger meeting room that we completed after the first two spaces carries the wood flooring up into a wall treatment, and high ceilings with a dropped floor create a statelier atmosphere. The space hosts poetry readings, book launches, public radio interviews, and workshops, with built-in elegance and flexibility serving Literary Arts’ mission of bringing literature to everyone. We’re happy to see this organization flourish, and glad to have played a part in their success.