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Garrison Theater Scripps College Performing Arts Center

Claremont, CA

Garrison Theater Scripps College Performing Arts Center

Claremont, CA

Garrison Theater, Scripps College Performing Arts Center building was reimagined with the help of Bora. The iconic mid-century theater building and its surrounding spaces were transformed to bring students into the future.

The massive opaque theater was originally a movie theater. But then, Bora transformed it into a facility that aligned with the historic campus’s language of spatial intimacy and interior/exterior connections.

Bora also reflects the campus’s pattern of courtyards with a series of smaller-scale pavilions flanking the existing building forming a new courtyard. A humanized scale was established to make the space feel comfortable and practical. The pavilions contain faculty studios, a music library, and a new 110-seat recital hall. Each of which feature extensive glazing to connect the interiors to the exterior gardens.

Now, Garrison Theater stands as a contemporary and invigorated 690-seat venue. Here, students enjoy music, and lectures augmented by an open ceiling and diffusive wall panels for rich full sound. Together, the new center of the historic campus delivers a significant holistic experience. This truly elevates the performing arts center while also giving the music department a celebrated new home.

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Merit Award, AIA Portland
Merit Award, IIDA Oregon Chapter
Excellence in Design Award, City of Claremont
Architectural Commission


Auerbach Pollock Friedlander
McKay Conant Brook
Tovey/Shultz Construction