Portland Makes Metropolis’ Top 10

by Karim Hassanein

We love our city. We love living here, working here, biking in the rain, and floating the river on a hot day. Like any major urban center, we have our challenges, and they are not trivial. But Portland’s reputation as a beautiful, liveable city is well-deserved. So although we didn’t expect to see “Stumptown” listed alongside Berlin, Oslo, and Singapore as one of Metropolis’ Ten Best Cities to Live In, we weren’t exactly surprised. It is pretty awesome here.

Along with being the only US city on the list, the article specifically makes note of Portland’s rapid expansion and evolution, including Bora’s recent completion of the Cosmopolitan in the Pearl district. Our town is changing, and that has brought with it some hand-wringing as we enter uncharted territory. However, we believe that with careful planning, a willingness to learn, and a determination to adapt, our city can continue to grow without sacrificing the qualities that make it so special. Look out Vienna!

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