Our Statement on COVID-19

by Bora Architects

These are unprecedented times for our communities and our world. Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones as we all experience the effects of COVID-19. Never have we seen such a global health crisis, and yet we hold fast to the strength of humanity and the power of solidarity to act wisely in the name of health and safety. By responding with proactive measures, we are committed to helping flatten the curve.

Our Commitment to Our Clients.
Our dedication to excellence in the service of our clients, as well our ability to push through challenges, has not changed. As a national practice, we have robust systems in place to meet time-sensitive deadlines. While we have canceled non-essential travel and meetings, we are still working as hard as ever to ensure our projects move forward as seamlessly as possible. 

Our Commitment to Our People.
At Bora we prioritize the health and safety of our staff and their loved ones. Standing by our commitment to equity and wellness, we have shifted to a remote model of work with the tools to ensure that our staff has all they need to work effectively while keeping their best interests and the broader needs of our community in mind.

Thank you for being flexible with us as we go through this together. We believe that through our solidarity we will emerge from this crisis with new strength and resilience, and a deeper empathy for one another.

Please reach out to our office anytime for questions or concerns about our Covid-19 precautions and procedures.

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