Our Commitment to Racial Equity

by Bora Architects

The death of George Floyd, along with countless others in the black community who have been victims of systemic racism, is unacceptable. We acknowledge the ways in which we are inherently part of a system of deeply rooted injustice that has created vast inequities in this country. Our silence on racial justice also places us at fault. We cannot truly understand the pain this has caused the black community, but we are actively listening, learning and accepting our responsibility to create positive change.

Today, we redouble our efforts toward racial equity and commit to the following actions:   

  • Application of Critical Race Theory to the design of all our projects moving forward
  • Expanded outreach to increase the presence and voices of black Americans in our community and in our firm
  • Financial sponsorship of education and arts organizations that promote understanding of the historic implications of race in our society
  • Support to black-owned businesses in consulting and operational expenditures
  • Education and dialogue with our staff around the history of racism and avenues in which we can be advocates for anti-racism

We are committed to this movement and invite you to join us in taking these steps toward breaking the pattern of racism and violence in our culture.

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