Nurturing the Next Generation of Architects

by CJ Chang

At Bora we are passionate about the positive impact mentorship and educational opportunities can have in our community. We enjoy an ongoing partnership with De La Salle North Catholic High School’s Corporate Work Study Program, which gives underserved students the opportunity to work one day a week for a local business partner. This program offsets approximately 50% of the student’s tuition while empowering Oregon’s future workforce with workplace skills, career vision, and community mentorship opportunities.

In 2012 De La Salle student Nikolas Tucker joined Bora for a two-year internship, embedded in the design team for the Learning Innovation Center at Oregon State University. Mentored by Principal Amy Donohue, Nik interpreted design sketches to create a full-scale model of the podium for the 600-seat arena classroom, refined construction documents, and traveled with the team to meet with faculty and test mock-up classroom spaces. Following his internship Nik was accepted with a full scholarship to Columbia University to study architecture, and upon his graduation we were thrilled to welcome him back to Bora—this time as a full-time design staff member.

Bora continues to thrive through our ongoing integration of talented students from De La Salle’s work study program. High school senior Monce, as well as Brandon, a junior, are currently involved in a wide range of tasks including interior design studies, project team meetings, tracking carbon offset data, and creating 3D printer tutorials. We’re honored to be a part of this program which helps foster a diverse workforce and creates pathways for the next generation.

Top from Left: Nik Tucker on site as an intern at Oregon State University’s Learning Innovation Center, visiting some Bora friends during a break from his studies at Columbia University’s School of Architecture, and currently as a Designer at Bora.

Bottom from Left: Berhan Ayalew, with Principals Jeanie Lai and Amy Donohue, outside the University of Oregon’s College of Design where he is now a second year student; current intern Monce Moreno, working with interior designer Amy Running, to develop a custom tile pattern for the Art Rutkin Elementary School; and current intern Brandon Jenkins setting up a project on the laser cutter with Nik Tucker

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