High School Talent

by Monce Moreno and Ashley Cartmel

Each summer, Bora participates in Summer Works, a paid internship program for young adults from ages 16-24 that connects them to meaningful internships aligning with their interests and providing real world training.  This year, we were delighted to host Ben Brandenburger, a student at Portland’s Lincoln High School and a member of its Design Advisory Group.

For several months Ben has been working alongside parents, teachers, and community members to provide input on Bora’s design for the new seven-story, 289,000-square-food Lincoln High School, which will begin construction in 2020.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring him in-house to join the Bora team for five weeks during schematic design.

Over the summer, Ben learned basic Rhino, SketchUp, CNC Router, Laser Cutter, and Google Earth skills to create the physical model for Lincoln High School, accompanied the design team to work sessions, and toured several of Bora’s recent K-12 projects.  A few Revit and Grasshopper tutorials, a smattering of coffee breaks with project architects and interior designers, and one nail-biting-will-the-glue-dry-fast-enough-on-the-model-before-the-meeting experience rounded out Ben’s introduction to architecture, and he’s off for his senior year contemplating an A/E future.