Fabric, Shelter, and Collaboration at Design Week Portland

by Karim Hassanein

Comfortable? Fabric and the Threshold of Shelter

We’ve been scheming for months on something special for Design Week Portland, and we want you to join us! This is a free event, but space is limited, so sign up on eventbright now! 

What’s this all about, you ask? Read on…

Americans have steadily moved away from architecture that actively engages with regional climate conditions. Instead, we have favored a built environment that largely isolates us from the weather – places where temperature, light, and humidity are held constant. Trends in fashion have followed a similar trajectory. Increasingly, the clothes we wear no longer need to “make sense” as articles of protection, since we are able to avoid prolonged exposure to the elements.

We are inviting visitors to question “comfort” by experiencing fabric as shelter that responds to the elements visibly and dynamically. As a team of local architects, makers, and fashion/apparel designers, we are creating a spatial structure in conjunction with wearable articles that illustrate a spectrum of protection while celebrating the sublime climate of the Pacific Northwest.

We invite you to come engage with the fabric structure, wearables, and with each other to continue the conversation about where we live, how we dress, and what it means to have shelter in an urbanizing, globalizing world.

Drinks and Snacks are on us!

The Power of Collaboration

This event is the result of a collaborative process, and reflects the cross-disciplinary approach that all team members believe is necessary to address issues of shelter, climate, and responsive design.

Bora led the development of the overall concept, and designed the structural shelter. Creative Capital Design designed and constructed the wearable series, with collaboration from Sonia Kasparian.

Fabrication and assembly of the structure will be completed in partnership with the expert craftspeople at The Good Mod. Large-scale fabric slicing and pattern cutting is thanks to the generosity of Rainier Industries.

A special thanks to the Industrial Fabric Association International for serving as a knowledge resource as well as GuildWorks for sharing their expertise in tensile structures.

And we are indebted to our good friends at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, who are hosting this event. They’ll be in Open House mode throughout the night, so you’ll be able to experience firsthand how their important work and creative partnerships are impacting our city. More info on the Open House here.

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