Design Week Portland 2018 – Success!

by Sophia Austrins, Marziah Rajabzadeh, Colleen Clifford, Jeanie Lai, Heather McGinn, Karim Hassanein

After months of planning, designing, sewing, modeling, and trying to get those smocks just right, our event last night was a huge success. We’re working on a micro-documentary of the process, which we will share here soon. But for now, here’s a short highlight reel (courtesy of our documentarian, Kevin Balmer of Diggable Monkey) that takes you through our process, production, and the moment it all came together. This was a tremendous team effort, and reinforces our belief in the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration to make great things happen!

Special thanks to all our partners and supporters:

  • Creative Capital Design
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Sonia Kasparian
  • Pacific Northwest Fibershed (Shannon Welsh)
  • Rainier Industries
  • Industrial Fabric Association International
  • Form Design
  • Guildworks
  • The Good Mod
  • Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider
  • Dayna Jacobs – Stylist / Makeup Artist

If you didn’t get a chance to see the structure and wearables this week, you’ll have a chance at PICA’s Meta Gala fundraiser on Saturday, April 28. And we hope that won’t be the last opportunity…