Crafted for Community: The New Edison High School

by Brad Demby

Edison High School’s mission is to help students with diverse learning differences to reach their full potential. Our design for their new 36,000 sf building is crafted with the same care and attention as the education Edison students receive, creating a nurturing sanctuary for learning and communal growth.

Our site is a parking lot in the 100-year floodplain, presenting an opportunity to design for long-term resiliency. Using this to our advantage, we condensed the building to two stories, raised above the floodplain and lifted above the parking lot.

A vibrant double-height commons space centers the building, with a halo of classrooms floating on the second level. Areas programmed for more public functions are located on the ground floor, offering more intimate spaces that balance the larger commons. This layout provides visual connections throughout the building while ensuring classrooms are a refuge for focused study.

With an efficient 2 story mass, we’re able to get enough PV panel coverage to make a path to Net Zero achievable. And with the rhythm of classrooms and overall building scale, mass timber construction could be a viable option. The project is currently in fundraising mode, so expect more updates as we move towards our 2022 completion target!

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