Collaborating in VR: Bora + The Wild

by Karim Hassanein

Bora has been expanding our use and understanding of VR in several ways over the past year, from our panel and exhibit during Design Week Portland to our embrace of emerging tools in our current projects. One of the most exciting developments is our adoption of The Wild – a VR collaboration platform that enables multiple people to occupy and engage with a single virtual model from whatever location or device they choose.

One of our architects and VR enthusiasts, Boyce Postma, was recently interviewed by The Wild, where he chats about how we use VR in our design process and as a communication tool, and the challenge of designing three dimensional space using existing media and workflows.

To Boyce, VR represents an opportunity to design and document space in a way that feels more intuitive, transcending 20th Century technologies that restrict creativity. It’s just one of the tools we’re investing in, not as a silver bullet, but as a way to focus our resources on solving design problems rather than wrestling with aging processes.

Read Boyce’s interview at the link below, and if you’re curious about how Bora is using immersive media, drop us a line!

Breaking Ground: An Interview with Boyce Postma of Bora Architects

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