Building Equity in Library Architecture

by Bora Architects

Building Equity in Library Architecture is a curious and important endeavor.The public library has long been a treasured community resource. Recognizing that space holds power, how can Bora also ensure equity as a key design driver for library buildings? With this whitepaper, Bora Architect Sophia Austrins engages the research of University of Oregon architecture students. It explores design possibilities for the future library.

Over time, Libraries have become well-versed in envisioning and re-envisioning programming to meet community
needs. But what does equity mean for the way physical library buildings are designed? What does it mean to build equity into library architecture in a way that serves now and also in the future? In response to these questions, Bora created the Future Library Lab, an architectural design studio at the University of Oregon, to explore this topic with student researchers.

The built environment is just one piece of how we can cast the future we hope for today. Read here to find out more about building equity in library architecture with the University of Oregon. Also, learn more about University of Oregon School of Architecture and Environment along with their unique research.

Sophia Austrins, AIA, LEED BD+C,is an Associate here at Bora Architecture & Interiors. Sophia has nearly a decade of experience strengthening community and culture through design activism. Also serving as an instructor for the University of Oregon School of Architecture & Environment, Sophia actively leads Bora’s efforts to create a more equitable world through design.

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