Building a Future: How Designers + Employers Engage with Gen Z

by Bora Architects

This month, the NAIOP Washington Chapter’s breakfast panel focused on Generation Z. Specifically, how designers and employers are rethinking work environments to attract and retain young talent. Bora Principal Amy Donohue sat on the panel, and spoke specifically about how trends in higher education and workplace design have overlapped to emphasize interdisciplinary exploration, social engagement, and fluid tech integration. Amy also addressed the ways Bora is working to empower and mentor younger staff, including providing space and resources for self-directed growth and project ownership.

Amy was joined on the panel by Derek Lunde, Partner at Red Propeller, and Jonah Sterling, General Manager of Design at Microsoft. Both Derek and Jonah brought deep insights into how employers must embrace the shared experiences and values of Gen Z’ers, particularly around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, a tech-immersed world, and the drive to do meaningful work – and have that effort recognized.

To read more about the discussion, visit NAIOP WA’s website here.

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