Breakthrough Research at Stanford’s Shriram Center

by Karim Hassanein

A team of student scientists at Stanford University are making strides in tackling the challenge of antibiotic resistance in disease-causing bacteria. Working out of the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, the trio of researchers have been granted $10,000 to carry on with their investigations, and they’re feeling pretty good about the results so far (although the details are being kept under wraps). Click here to catch NPR’s coverage of their efforts.

This is exactly the type of groundbreaking, collaborative, entrepreneurial exploration that the Science and Engineering Quad was designed to facilitate. By investing in robust learning environments where students and faculty can connect with each other–as well as investors from the broader community–Universities are providing the freedom to tackle wicked problems that may not appear “profitable” in the world of Business or Industry. As a result, the work being conducted in Shriram by these hopeful inventors could have benefits on a global scale.