Bora is now a four letter word.

by Bora Architects

Meet Bora Architects. You might recognize us, since we’ve been pretty well known as Boora Architects for a long time. Our legacy of creating meaningful architecture with our clients remains.

But we’ve also changed. There’s a fresh optimism in our practice, fueled by a new generation of leaders working together with the most talented staff we’ve ever had. We wanted to reflect that change.

Admittedly it’s a small change – simply dropping an extra O from our name. In fact, it doesn’t even change the way you say it, but we think it reflects the clarity, simplicity, and balance we seek in our design work. It looks pretty good in just four letters, too.

If you’re serious about creating exceptional spaces and buildings, we’d like to meet you. Together, we just might make something that changes your life, or maybe the lives of your students, an audience, or even an entire community. It’s hard work, no doubt. But we think it’s worth it.