Bora Announces New Office Targeting Net Zero

by Bora Architecture & Interiors

It’s official! Having spent the last few decades in our downtown office, we are ecstatic to announce our future home on Portland’s Central Eastside. Our transformation of a 30,000sf warehouse will include our new 15,000sf studio, with design to begin immediately. Targeting net zero energy, our office will feature energy-efficient systems and will retain the building’s exposed timber structure.

Along with appreciation for our broker JLL, we can’t wait to dive into this effort with developer Killian Pacific, who shares our deep values of community and sustainability.

“Bora is excited for the opportunity to design our new office in the vibrant inner Eastside,” says Bora Principal Michael Tingley.

“Teaming with Killian Pacific on this transformational renovation aligns with our values of low carbon projects that promote health, wellness and equity in our built environment. We want our new home to outwardly express those values.”

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