A Rainy Jobsite at Crystal Springs

by Bora Architects

While Portland was hit with ice and snow last week, the Bay Area was battling a different kind of weather at the Crystal Springs construction site. Fortunately for those in agriculture, the past 8 weeks of seasonal storms have brought relief from years of drought. Less fortunately for folks in construction, continuous downpours make for a very soggy site (complete with a moat around the Gymnasium building).

Yesterday, we pulled the first tilt-up panel from its formwork and prepared to set it into its foundation home. Then, lightning struck. Literally. All construction workers who had been guiding the panel with long metal poles carefully removed themselves from the site. Making sure everyone was safe and out of the way, our crane operator patiently placed the panel back face down on the slab to be raised another day.

Substantial completion for all three buildings is scheduled for mid to late July. But for now, we’re all just looking forward to getting the first wall up without a lightshow.