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Corporate Dining Facilities

Corporate Dining Facilities

Mountain View, CA

Bora’s design for this Japanese inspired dining experience caters to employees moving at a rapid pace as well as those seeking a moment of escape. To provide this range of use, our design team took inspiration from two traditional Japanese dining experiences – the vibrant culture of street vendors and the tranquility of the traditional tea room. An oak paneled wall separates the room into the two scenes, providing a range of seating options and environments along with it.

We used color, materials and lighting to define each experience. A cherry blossom tile pattern sets a bold backdrop for sushi chefs along the street scene. Seating areas are tucked-in from the main-street and provide glimpses into the main dining area – the tea room – through windows with operable shoji-screens. We used wood, rice paper, tatami mats and focused light to create a contrast from the servery and campus life.

To further heighten the experience of escape, we transformed traditional dining rooms with clever details and discretely integrated technology so that they can also function as meeting spaces. The result is a café that offers respite from the typical workspace while supporting a “work happens everywhere” culture.




Nishkian Menninger