Lewis & Clark College Diane Gregg Memorial Pavilion

Lewis & Clark College Diane Gregg Memorial Pavilion

Portland, OR

The Gregg Memorial Pavilion fulfills Northwest architect Paul Thiry’s original plan for two smaller pavilions to flank Lewis & Clark’s historic Flanagan Chapel. In juxtaposition to the Chapel’s inward focus, the light-filled pavilion offers glimpses of internal activity and views to the surrounding forest. Its intimate octagonal design serves as a venue for music, theater and dance performance; provides a cherished worship space and fellowship hall; and offers patron support space for the Chapel. The Pavilion extends the Chapel’s exterior material palette by utilizing custom-made brick in 11 different colors inspired by the patterns of Native American textiles, while the wood interior of Douglas Fir was milled from five trees located where the Pavilion now stands.


3,211sf addition


Harper Houf Peterson Righellis
Walker Macy
Walsh Construction
Mazzeti & Associates
Reyes Engineering
Threshold Acoustics