Finley Beach House

Finley Beach House

Arcadia Beach, OR

This is an impeccably crafted home that perfectly blends with its surroundings.

Dwell Magazine

Designed as a weekend getaway for a young family seeking communion with nature, this glass house provides commanding beach views at the edge of Oregon’s coastal forest. We worked closely with our clients to develop a unique design concept on this sensitive site that would maximize ocean views from the main living areas while keeping height within strict zoning regulations. Slightly excavating the private quarters of the lower level allowed us to place the kitchen, dining and living areas upstairs to maximize views without exceeding vertical limitations. Capping the house with a planted roof enabled us to conceptually transpose the excavated earth and restore the structure’s ecological imprint.

The projecting green roof floats above and shades the glass enclosure, clad in copper that will oxidize naturally over time to merge with the green of the surrounding forest. A motorized shade system provides privacy and glare control, while a simple palette of honed basalt, white oak and waxed steel harmonizes the interior with the surrounding environment for a sublime retreat experience.




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